Adultery : Book Review


Paulo Coelho is undoubtedly most read author across the globe. Though his work consist of fiction but still people who likes to read only nonfiction also prominently read his work for the simple reason that it unfold the deepest secret of life. His whole writing touches very essence of life. Human ambitions, desire, suffering and despair All of this can be found in his work.

When I buy Adultery, I was having little idea that it may resonate with his previous book “Eleven Minutes” which was mainly about understanding the world by sexual practice. But contrary to my assumption this book deals more with limitation of marriage as a system, limitation of attraction and even limitation of successful life. Thought this book try to deal with all these human emotion but hardly make an impact while portraying the story-line.

Paulo Coelho : Author of world famous book “The Alchemist”

Greatest weakness of the book is it doesn’t create any curiosity! It’s just a flat story where you keep reading just to somehow complete the book. And as far as wisdom is concern, which is strong part of any Paulo Coelho book is also disappointing. Because at the end what you get is confusion!

So let me tell you storyline of the book, main character in the book is “Linda” she is happily married women living with her well-off husband and two children. Everything is fine with her personal life. Her husband earns very well in Switzerland he is very understanding and even care for Linda very much. So all in all almost everything is good as far as her personal life is concern. But complexity arise when she stuck with boredom of same life. Even though she successful in her life as a successful journalist but same life seems to fill her life with boredom.

There comes twist, when she met with her ex-boyfriend from college days. Who is respected politician in present day. And now she got attracted toward him and try to escape from her boredom via reengaging in relationship with him. His name is “Jacob” and then story move little fast, how she caught in mere “Physical Attraction” toward Jacob and by doing so try to fulfill her incomplete bored life. And sequence of sexual journey start. This affair is mostly based on attraction. So, after engaging in this relationship she experience contradictory thought process one telling her, what is happening is right and other showing futility of everything. So this is all!

So why one should read this book? Is there any particular reason for picking this book? Honestly I don’t see any! If you are great Paulo Coelho fan then you may want to read it, but otherwise it is waste of time. It offer hardly any proper conclusion and just confusion in whole book.  As far as talking about  character building, here also book fails miserably. My advice stay away from this 🙂

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