Looking for financial freedom? ask these two question


When we think of money we almost starts wondering about what we could do with it. And mostly about the power and position it brings in one’s life. People wants money and not less but much of it .
Earning money has its own journey and mostly the pathway is to start business or being an investor. And to achieve this people often study the science of business and investment and in the long process they become master in this. They mastered the fluctuations of market and business. And time comes when they earn plenty of it and then they struck with the question, now what to do with this money? Or for what exactly you have earn such abundant amount of money?
To this question layman and even great expert of financial domain gives  ordinary answers or answers just to get rid of this question!! They say, this is because they want financial freedom  , because they want their kids to have better life, because they want to buy big a bungalow and wants to own many cars. !!! These answers are much immature. Because, there is no point  to have many cars when you can ride only one at time. Giving all your hard earned money to your child and killing his/her possibility of earning or doing something of his own.
That’s the reason I feel everyone who desire to achieve financial richness in life must ask two questions simultaneously. Those two questions are
1) How I could  achieve financial freedom / Richness ?
2) What am I going to do with that money?
People often prepare for first question and achieve financial freedom and earn lot of money. But just because almost everyone doesn’t bother much about the second question  they waste their money in buying multiple cars and building big bungalows, just to justify their ego. And few starts donating that money to charitable trust or NGO’s but I doubt does that really able to make any impact on society ? because when charity becomes the reason for spending collected money then hardly something good comes out of such charities.  That’s why many charities seems more similar to government policy’s which hardly make an impact on anything. So I suggest whenever you think of earning money or achieving financial freedom ask second question to yourself that, what you are going to do with this hard earned money??

Post Script : Probably next month I will take admission to MBA and that’s surly for achieving financial freedom and starting my business / company. But suddenly questions struck in my mind that ” It’s fine that I want financial freedom and want to achieve richness but what am I going to do with that money once I am successful? Then I realized without knowing answer of second question starting a journey for financial freedom is meaningless. Hence this article!

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