Hyperspace : An Scientific odyssey through parallel universes


Completed reading a book ” Hyperspace ” author of the book is celebrity scientist Dr. Michio Kaku. I am writing little introduction part for you so that  you could able  to decide whether you wanna read it or not.

This book deals  with unresolved mysteries of space. Book is mostly about multidimensional theory starting with mathematical model of vector tensor it goes to  Einstein’s special and general relativity and at the end deals with holy grail of scientific community “the theory of everything “!.

Throughout the book author try to convince that, understanding the universe will become more easier if we observe it from higher dimensions because here we can able to knock other parameters of same event. Book deals with concept of worm hole, black hole, time travel and even multiple universe and parallel universe theory. As Stephen hawking postulate that there exist infinite many universe,  it again deal with theory of infinite universe.

So overall book is interesting and it helps us to see world with completely different perspective. Well, to understand the language of book one needs to have knowledge of physics( very little). If you are fan of  sci-fi movies then it will easy task for you.  I don’t say you will understand the book completely but after reading it you will certainly understand what was the movie exactly. Because there are many who watched ” Interstellar ” and start pretending that they understand the movie completely but in reality they won’t.
So, if you are passionate about space – time jargon I recommend you to read it any how. If you don’t feel  interested in astronomy but  fascinated about time travel and stuff like that this book is for you. I personally feel happy that I come across this author, it helps me lot. Universe is completely different for me now.

Post Script : While reading I realized,many mathematical theories which I learn in my graduation was path breaking. Like ” Vector Tensor ” this was the theory without which Einstein could not able to give general theory of relativity!

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