Goal or Reality?


Few days ago i completed reading book  “Goal ” by Brian Tracy just after reading this book I ponder over one question. Is goal making posses that much importance in our life? We heard lot about making goal in our school,  colleges and if you have corporate experience  then goal making is almost compulsory there!  So it is really that much important ? We can go into deeper by evaluating whether goal making really consider once originality and individuality or not. But by general observation, we can see it hardly consider once individuality. Because men living very peripheral life hardly know anything about himself, in such scenario whichever goal he decides remains just a reflection of generally  accepted social professions. For example if you ask a child, what he wants to become? He will answer like, engineer, doctor, pilot etc. Because these profession has social acceptance and even reason for pride, like day back to early 19th becoming  Layer was profession of pride. Is there anything wrong with this? Yes, because we become convict of ‘Time period ‘and social priorities  and worst thing is we start pretending that we are living our own  life independently !!
Is there other way out? Yeah, I propose ones “Reality” over ones ” Goal ” and the reason behind my argument is, however you try it becomes almost impossible to separate ones realities from ones personality. Ones realities are like ones nature, something which exist in complete harmony with ones whole personality. Like, reality of Fish to swim in the water  now wherever fish try to go the pathway should remains same i.e. water!! But when fish try to aspire other ways it unnecessarily struggle with whole nature and eventually fail. That’s the reason ones Albert  Einstein says ” Everyone is entitled to achieve his destiny but problem arise when we ask fish to climb the tree “. that’s  the reason we could see many people complaining about their careers. It is not the case that they are not earning money, actually they are earning plenty of that ; but ‘something ‘ remains missing and that something is what I say ones reality.
If one is smart then it becomes very easy for him to crack every exam and choose whichever profession he likes. But one should completely aware about ones realities otherwise it will become long lasting life of contradiction. Where you show off  yourself to be very happy and successful and live hypocritical life , possessing two different personalities outwardly  happy  and inwardly sad. That’s why I conclude by saying, don’t waste living others life, like living life according to social accepted goal rather look inward, know what your realities are and live accordingly.

Post Script : I used to make goal, but when I realized about my realities, I began to focus on my realities alone. I don’t know how it helps one in materialistic point of view, but I am certain that, it brings peaceful and sensitive life.

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