Success or Creativity?


When we see the world we find humanity is scrambling towards success. You will find almost everyone telling you that how success is most important thing in your  life. Whichever profession you choose it almost become important to be successful in chosen profession. When i looked at question of success and also observe so called successful people. One natural question strike in my mind. How does one’s success help humanity? Or eventually to the whole world? After thinking lot, i found that most of the time success is ‘individual’ and comes into course due to necessity of market. It means if there exist void of something then someone required to fill that void now that ‘someone ‘ become less important! Because anyone can be reason for filing that void. Now doing so the respective person become successful. does such success help humanity in larger context?? Let us check if it is helpful in wise context or not.  For example if India required 100 administrative  officer (IAS) and people across the country country is preparing for this exam, now from the point of view of individuals if they successful means they got selected and become one of those 100. But what will be advantage for country if those 100 IAS are not creative?? It will sourly not put any value to the structure of country and hence will not enhance the level of country. In this scenario we could observe that even if they got selected and become successful their success doesn’t help country in larger context !!!!
That’s the sole reason i choose creative life over successful one. Mere successful life can help you and your family, but it will not necessarily put value in life and enhance level of society. Whereas if you believe in living creative life means you tend to see life with complete new perspective. You will see same problems with different dimensions and hence help humanity to move forward. Creative life is not necessarily successful life because it is not govern by demand – supply rule! But living creative life is like living your life more intellectually. It satisfy your inner calling and help humanity to move forward. For me successful life is like getting a job when there exist huge unemployment in the country, whereas creative life is starting a company and give employment to those people ! Which one way of living you want to choose??

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