Only one thing matters most in my life, that is living every moment 🚀creatively. I can define my whole life approach in 3 words and that is “Be Curious, Be Creative & Be Productive” I am a very curious🔎 guy who loves various aspects of life, which includes Physics, 🎨Art, ☯️Spirituality, 🗿Anthropology,📖Sociology 💻Digital Marketing ( It’s a career for me ). Well, you must be wondering what exactly I create! Right?💯 

So, Below is the list, 

My Podcast 🎙️The Prashik Show 👍 It’s about everything which includes life Apple Podcast: ‎The Prashik Show on Apple Podcasts Spotify Podcast: The Prashik Show 

My YouTube Channel “FutureOmen” It’s about Digital Marketing https://www.youtube.com/channel/… 

My Website FutureOmen – Data-Driven Marketing Solution Again, It’s about Digital Marketing. 

You can connect me on Instagram – prashikcaprio

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