Well, Writing about oneself is most difficult task. When you try to write about who you are you end up showing who you are not !

Same with me, There is nothing very extraordinary about me apart from the fact that I love being creative in everything. It doesn’t matter to me in which state of situation I am in , all I seems interested in being creative.

Same creative vigor of mine help me understand this life with great sensitivity. Can you feel the mother nature and it’s immense beauty ? I do.

This leads me to my inner calling. Sketching! Who don’t not like painting ? almost everyone right ? I do have same taste for art  and painting. All I can say that I amateur artist trying to explore my inner calling through art.

Reading is something which I enjoy. To put in right perspective it is not reading but the curiosity to know different things and that’s lead to reading. Well, then question arise what do I read mostly the answer is almost everything.