Quality of Looking

Quality of Looking

Quality of looking is very sacred and very few people able to understand it.

There are 3 ways with which you can see the outworld world. And yes, based on what is your approach towards looking the world defines the kind of state you are in.

So, let’s start with the first approach.

This I called the unidirectional approach of looking.

This approach means looking at everything in the way in which you have consumed most of your life.

Like, if you choose your profession to be businessmen – and your life is consumed by thinking about business and money all the time.

Then you will realize a very strange thing about you. That, your whole world view has become business-centric, that is – everything you look or every moment where you have to take any decision, you will find that every decision or action you are making is driven by business or money.

It’s not that you are wrong or something! It’s just that, all your experiences or what you know about life is from the perspective of business because this all you know.

So, when you face any difficult situation you will try to solve it with money!!! This is what I called the unidirectional approach of life. That is whichever profession or lifestyle you have accepted as yours. That becomes your sole way of looking at life outwardly or inwardly.

Now let’s talk about 2nd way of looking

that is, Looking something using a multidimensional approach

You will have this quality if and only if you expose yourself to many dimensions of life.

For example, you are an analytical person and you love playing with numbers and hence you know the perspective where you see the world from with very measured way.
But, you are the kind of person who also loves creativity, you love painting or reading or you are someone who has a keen interest in social work as you feel compassionate for the people around you. So, as you are a multifaceted personality.

And as you have exposed yourself to many dimensions of life. And thus you have rich experiences of many worldviews. And that’s the reason, you will be having a holistic approach towards the world. Because now you can see any problem or event of life form very different perspectives. And you are also capable to see anything from a different perspective because you are having experience in all these fields.

This approach is way better than the unidirectional approach because it helps you to take more mature decisions. Rather looking at everything at only one perspective! Here you have many perspectives to see the same thing.

Now I am going to talk about, most important approach.

and that is, Non-Dimensional Approach

This approach does not depend on what kind of experiences you been through!

Non- dimensional approach means, not giving any importance to your experiences. You may be a person with little experience or a lot of experience. The non-dimensional approach does not give any importance to your experiences.

It just, whenever you see something. You just see it without any predefined notion! Like, you have no experience of the event or the person! Here, you accept life as completely! New at every moment. So, you accept life as fresh and new! So, whatever problem you face or any person you meet without any prejudice and look at things from a completely new perspective and with a different worldview.

This approach is extremely difficult to practice as it requires your attention at every moment, it means you must be extremely aware of your reactions to various events or toward any person. As these, reactions become experiences.

And the problem with experience is, we make a “conclusions” based on experience.

Just imagine you already have conclusions toward any person based on your previous experience. Then, you will keep that conclusion as a rigid idea.

Based on the experience you may have said to yourself that the person is Good or the person is bad.

And this conclusion remains with you. Now when you meet the same person after a lot of time.

you will be carrying the same experience and “conclusion” about the person and that may be completely wrong. After so many years the person may have been changed drastically.

And you are judging the person based on your little experiences. And hence you will never be able to have fresh contact with the person. I am just explaining it in the form of a person’s perspective but it can be applied to anything.

So, if you are the person who practices a no-directional approach then you will able to see everything from a new perspective by remaining in the present moment.

It will make you the person with great insight and wisdom. That’s the reason, it is quite difficult to practice.

But, if you can then, this is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Quality of Looking

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